Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where in the world is South Carolina?

Seems the latest item making the rounds is this video (thanks YouTube) of Miss South Carolina sputtering out an inarticulate response to a question about map-reading. Great. A questions though.

1. Must we get our jollies by making fun of a teenage girl who really has done nothing wrong (i.e. cruel, immoral, illegal) except apparently be less educated (or articulate) than the "rest of us?"

2. Why are we surprised that a girl who has been clearly valued largely for her appearance may not have been encouraged to excel academically?

3. Why do we, in 2007, still live in a society where (some? many? most? all?) women are valued largely for their appearance and then tormented for living up to that imperative?

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syb said...

Broadsheet on has a pretty good analysis of this too.