Thursday, August 2, 2007

More on Ohio

Upon further contemplation, this Ohio bill just gets more and more disgusting.

Two things spring to mind. First, as Broadsheet points out, it isn't possible to to perform a paternity test until 11-20 weeks in pregnancy. Which means that a woman would have to wait longer to have an abortion. Oh, and never mind that performing the test in the first place is an invasive procedure on the woman...

Second, bill sponsor Rep. John Adams justifies the bill by saying that "In most cases, when a child is born the father has financial responsibility for that child, so he should have a say."

So... does that mean Mr. Adams would allow the father force the woman TO have an abortion if he didn't want to support the child?


Update on the child healthcare legislation I mentioned yesterday: the House DID pass the expansion of SCHIP by a vote of 225 to 204 (a little too close if you ask me). So thumbs up for health insurance, thumbs down for 204 representatives.


Finally, can we all pause for a moment to be appalled by the story out of Florida re: the woman behind a $3 million adoption scam who shackled and abused 11 or 12 (unclear) children for YEARS? Among other things, the kids told police they were never allowed to attend school, see a doctor or a dentist and were fed little more than noodles, rice and beans. Often, they weren't allowed to use the bathroom and had to urinate or defecate on themselves. Their guardian was formally charged yesterday with 10 felony counts, including abuse of a disabled person and witness tampering. If convicted on all the charges, she faces a maximum of 160 years in jail.
Clearly they should throw away the key (umm, if she's guilty I mean), but you gotta wonder -- how did nobody else know what was going on?

Oh wait, someone did. Seems a complaint was filed -- and dismissed -- eight years ago.

Those poor kids.

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