Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Go Manhattan Mini Storage!

You may have read about the new "controversy" over Manhattan Mini Storage's pro-choice ads. Seems the cheeky campaign, which includes a photo saying "Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose" is raising some hackles. To see the ad, click here.

May we suggest that all ire be directed not at the campaign -- which is true -- but at the Bush administration which is largely behind that shrinking right (if not necessarily the closet space)?


Elsewhere, our friends over at Jezebel share this juicy tidbit: "an unidentified Glamour editor shared 'Dos and Don'ts of Corporate Fashion' at a New York law firm via a slide show. First slide: an African American woman sporting an Afro. A real no-no, announced the 'Glamour' editor to the 40 or so lawyers in the room. As for dreadlocks: How truly dreadful! The style maven said it was 'shocking' that some people still think it 'appropriate' to wear those hairstyles at the office. 'No offense,' she sniffed, but those 'political' hairstyles really have to go."

Needless to say (or, at least, I hope needless to say), seems a managing partner sent out an email afterward pointing out "the stupidty of the Glamour editor..."


On a lighter note, does anyone want to share thoughts on Showtime's Monday premieres? Weeds and Californication?

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Brycenyc said...

I have to say that when I read the post about the mini-storage ad I was nodding my head with you, because the message itself is true and somewhat funny. But the image of the coat hanger behind it is too blithe for the serious subject matter--illegal abortions via seriously dangerous methods. That I don't find funny, or at all appropriate for a billboard about storage space.