Friday, June 19, 2009

What the Internet Thinks: Condoms Good, Birth Control Bad, and Abortion is a Tricky Issue

A friend of mine sent me a link to the web site What Does The Internet Think? which, according to the description, uses search engine results to get a general sense if the Internet is positive, negative or neutral on any given topic.

So of course what's the first thing I do? Search for reproductive-health related topics, duh.

So what does the Internet think?

Well, for some reason it hates birth control.

But it looooooves condoms.

The birth control pill stikes out too, for some reason (although as soon as you don't put it in quotes the popularity shoots up. A commentary on the Internet's favor for birth and pills, perhaps?)

But! Ladies, there's hope. The Internet loves IUDs!

And finally, of course, abortion. I dreaded the search, but surprisingly?

Just like the rest of America, when it comes to abortion, the Internet isn't quite sure.

Obviously, this is just for fun, and no real measure of public opinion etc. I'd be fascinated to know just how they get their results. What do you think? Acurate? Could anything be throwing the results off?

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