Friday, June 12, 2009

Do you listen to your friends when it comes to birth control?

Check out this hilarious new video from Sarah Haskins, all about Lady Friends!

Sarah's stuff is hilarious, and this one is sure no exception. But it got me thinking -- as much as the advertising industry may try and unrealistically use the concept of a woman and her friends sharing information (hello granny panties!), that idea doesn't come from nowhere. I often turn to some of my best friends for information on doctors, relationships and, of course, birth control.

But am I alone in this? What about all of you? Who would you turn to first, your friends, a web site, or a doctor for advice on birth control and protection?

PS - read more about the Top Ten Contraception Myths and how to find the best birth control for you.


Sammy said...

I think Sarah Haskins is a genius, everything she does is gold. That said, I guess I do turn to my "lady friends" first about most things. But the funny part about advertising agencies using our own friendships to make us think this is what "everyone is talking about" is that most of the time, it's men that are selling these items to us. The whole "lady friend" thing is really just a big trick.

Raising Women's Voices said...

Of course we all communicate with and learn from our friends. I think the shame is in the media's simplification of the complex relationships we create. Though they are trying to sell things and make life seem so much better when you have Glad Plug-ins, it's hard to tolerate the absurdities that are those conversations between women in ads.