Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So how would you market the "male pill" to men?

You may remember, a few weeks ago we were all excited about the possibility of a male contraceptive pill, even while we were wondering whether or not we'd trust the men in our lives to take them.

Well the BBC is reporting that scientists are close to perfecting a testosterone shot that would act as birth control as well -- easier to remember than a daily pill, and a great option should all the trials prove successful.

The only problem? The BBC has been calling the shots "contraceptive jabs."

I don't know about you, but calling something a "jab" is probably the best way to make it sound unappealing. Still, I got to wondering how they will market the final product to men. Sarah Haskins did a great piece on birth control companies coining the the concept of "period control" instead of contraception, but what's the male equivalent?

Will they jut be brave and go with a straight up contraception message? Will theytalk about paternity or one-night stands? What would appeal to the men you know?


Nicki said...

My bet would be something along the lines of "She can't trap you now" LOL - sad, but I bet it would work.

Linni said...

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Amanda said...

Paternity concerns, plus a lot of guys are paranoid about accidents-- and in committed relationships, may want to make double sure they and their partner are safe.