Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Which flavor ice cream?

This is kinda unreal.

The Daily News reports that female correction officers have been given the “Orientation Handbook for Female Staff Working in an Institutional Setting,” a booklet that tells them to avoid gossiping at work and being bossy at home.

Among other tips in the 19-page booklet, female cadets are instructed not to display "jealousy" or "snobbery" to other women on the job. It also tells women to "eliminate flirtatious mannerisms while on the job" and avoid foul language "to be one of the boys."

Correction Department spokesman Erik Kriss said the booklet was developed in the 1980s when there weren't many women working in the state's prisons. "I don't believe it has been updated in awhile," Kriss said of the booklet. "It's time, like anything else, to take a look at some of these things and this is one of them."

It also suggests that women eat ice cream to deal with work stress.

While I guess there’s something to be said for advocating professional behavior in the workplace for BOTH genders, a female specific book talking about flirting and jealousy and ice cream sounds less deserving of updating and more deserving of eliminating.

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