Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So out of the mainstream

Man, I keep finding myself at odds with my feminist blogging colleagues. Take the latest Southwest airlines issue. Yes, I think it was wrong to try to prevent someone from flying because of how she was dressed. I think was wrong to embarrass her. But I'm having a tough time getting riled up about the rather clever way Southwest has spun this into a "mini fares" marketing ploy (maybe because I have a healthy amount of respect for clever marketing ploys in general). In fact, the only thing that really bothers me about the campaign is that the airlines don't fly direct to Dallas.


What upsets me far more than Southwest behaving badly, and has a pretty dangerous impact on a whole host of women, are the shenanigans in Aurora, IL. Planned Parenthood's newest location has been beset by throngs of harassing protestors, as well as red tape from city officials preventing the health center from opening on time. Planned Parenthood attorney Chris Wilson says that the only reason city officials want to block the opening is that anti-abortion groups have touched off "a political firestorm" of protests against it.

In the meanwhile, the many women who need safe, timely (oh right, and legal) health care are being forced to delay their care because of an inability to access it. To me, THAT sounds like a good reason to protest.

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