Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Salt in the wound

So here's the news: A 54 year old fundamentalist church pastor in Australia raped his two daughters for over a decade. He was sentenced to 8.5 years after pleading guilty. He is up for parole in four years.

The reason he gave for forcing his children to have sex with him? He was teaching them how to be good wives.

His church and his wife remain supportive.

Wow. So many things wrong with this. The short sentence, the possibility for early parole. Umm, a decade of rape, not to mention the idea that girls need to be trained somehow or other to be good wives (independent of learning how to be loving, good people in general). But, there is something unspeakably sad when the very people who are supposed to protect kids are the ones hurting them. These two girls were abused by their own father and their mother is supporting him?

I hope never to meet someone who can understand or justify either behavior.

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