Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This is not an endorsement

So it seems the "controversy" du jour percolating around the internet is whether or not the (adorable) new Obama Girl(v. Guiliani Girl) video is in fact sexist. While I'd be hard pressed to argue that almost any ad involving women, stilettos and short shorts doesn't have some shades of sexism, I don't think it makes me a bad feminist to say that -- in this case -- I don't care that much. The video is engaging, cheeky and imminently humm-able and it may even serve that elusive goal of getting young people interested (or at least aware) of politics. To see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekSxxlj6rGE

In far more disturbing socio-political advertising news, CBS and Fox continue to refuse to air the "use a condom every time" Trojan ad. The ad has been dismissed by execs as not being enough about disease prevention (I mean, seriously, must the ad come out and say "can help prevent HIV and STDs." Is it not enough to encourage condom use and thereby prevent disease?!), a nuanced standard of morality notably absent from the network's programming... To tell the Fox and CBS to drop the hypocrisy, click here: http://www.ppaction.org/campaign/condom_ad

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