Thursday, July 26, 2007

Birth control $$ back in the news

Thanks to the misleadingly named "Deficit Reduction Act," (read: Drastic Reduction Act) a bill passed by the 2005 Congress, college students continue to face soaring birth control prices. Before this Act, pharmaceutical companies discounted drugs for a range of health care providers, notably colleges. Now, college students are being asked to pay double or triple their old fees at student health centers.

Now, if I remember correctly, college kids are not necessarily flush with cash (Ramen noodles ring a bell?) and increased prices can put them in a the dangerous situation of being unable to protect themselves against an unplanned pregnancy. Which is exactly what politicians claim not to want (Prevention first, anyone?).

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livetotravel said...

These male anti's can't have it both ways. I think what they actually want is for women to never have sex!