Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All men all the time?

It's a complaint I've heard many of my single female friends make on a regular basis. "I never meet any men!" they'll say. "There are just no men anywhere!"

Well, my dears, Salon has an interesting piece about how in China, they have the opposite problem.

According to a report released on Friday, gender-specific abortion and the higher value placed on male babies have made the gender imbalance worse, with 32 million more men than women in China.

China has initiated a few campaigns to help reverse the imbalance, but so far nothing seems to be working. The idea that a country has placed such a low value on girls that it's lead to a national problem seems really sad to me. But what do you think? And what do you think a solution might be? Should they reverse their one-child-per-family policy? Or should the government push their public education campaign on the value of girls even more than they already do?

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