Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Voice of the Youth!

Let's take a break from national politics for a second, and talk about youth.

Specifically the 23 amazing youth from New York City that were in Albany yesterday, meeting with legislators to convince them that comprehensive sex education is important enough that ALL of New York State schools should have it.

The teens were some of Planned Parenthood's amazing teen advocates, from the Lower East Side, the Bronx and Brooklyn. They all got up incredibly early in the morning to make the long bus trek up to our State's capitol - something I know I was never jumping to do when i was between the ages of 14 and 18. Still they all braved the trip, and not only met with legislative staffers but participated in workshops in online organizing and knowing your rights (that last workshop was thanks to the NYCLU).

Pictures are coming soon, but I wanted to take a step back and recognize our amazing young volunteers. You'd be surprised at just how powerful a group of teenagers thoughtfully talking about sex education to their legislators can be. So thanks guys, it's good to know that our future is in your hands.

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