Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Note From Our Leader On Roe 36

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This year, the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade comes just two days after the historic inauguration of President Obama, a pro-choice president committed to protecting and strengthening women’s health. We look forward to working with our new president and our new Congress.

First, we expect that within days President Obama will rescind the "Global Gag Rule." The damage this policy has inflicted on women's health and rights is well-documented. But, it will take months for the change to be translated into real improvements in women's lives.

Next, we will urge swift action to dramatically increase U.S. funding for family planning services in poor countries -- the surest way to reduce both unintended pregnancy and abortion.

Third, and equally essential, is to work with Congress on Health Care Reform, so we can insure that women's preventive reproductive health care is an integrated part of all the initiatives to reform our health care system. We want to insure that any proposal includes, among other points, affordable and high quality care and direct access to trusted providers of choice.

And, lastly, as with so many critical domestic issues, the political landscape has changed for the benefit of women and their families here in the United States. We are going to be smart and strategic about our policy agenda so we can bring people together to get the most done on women’s health. Planned Parenthood fully supports the Freedom of Choice Act, as well as increasing access to affordable birth control, move funding for family planning, comprehensive sex education to keep our teens healthy and safe, and health care for all Americans.

Joan Malin

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