Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have yourself a merry little OB/GYN check-up!

Planned Parenthood of Indiana's new gift certificate program is getting a lot of negative attention in the anti-choice blogosphere. But as Elizabeth Nolan Brown of points out, the hysteria over the certificates being used primarily for abortion procedures is just that: hysteria.

"...[A]ccording to its Web site, 81 percent of PP patients go there to prevent unwanted pregnancy. PP’s biggest services are providing contraceptives and routine women’s health procedures."

It's unfortunate that so much of the new program's coverage dredges up the same tired, false anti-choice talking points about Planned Parenthood: that it "pushes" abortion, that abortion is the primary service it provides, that it's more interested in profit than the health of its patients. Isn't the blatant inaccuracy of those arguments enough to wear them out?

In increments of $25, the certificates could offer uninsured women access to basic health care-- something they might not be able to afford otherwise in a gloomy economy that has many Americans moving their own health further and further down their list of priorities. So while a new iPhone is way more fun than a PAP smear, what could mean more this holiday season than the gift of reproductive health?

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