Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday in the World of Blogging

While this election has a number of interesting ballot measures on the table, one that we’ve rarely discussed on this blog is Proposition K in San Francisco, legalizing sex work. Broadsheet over at Salon has a nice roundup of the issues involved.

Broadsheet also goes into the pregnancy pact at Gloucester High School, and how one young (and un-pregnant girl) was acting as a PR rep for all the rest.

Feministing takes a look at the New York Times article on gender disparity in Health Care coverage.

And on the Feministing community site, a 14-year-old feminist in Maryland posted pictures of what may be the best Halloween costume yet: Choice Avenger.

Feministe has a new reproductive rights correspondent! Everybody welcome her.

BlogHer has a great post about why you should vote against the parental notification Prop 4 in California. Not that you needed more reasons not to, but in case you have any confused California friends.

Over at Jezebel, Megan has a summary of how Kristi Burton, the 21-year-old anti-choice and repro rights activist behind the Amendment 48 in Colorado that would allot personhood to fertilized eggs, isn’t exactly being backed by a lot of anti-choice leaders.

NY Mag’s Daily Intelligencer has a short piece up about the local NY State Senate elections (which you all should be paying attention to!) and whether or not pro-choice politician Malcolm Smith has a good chance of winning the Majority Leader seat.

And file under information I considered keeping to myself: Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn reports that Babeland is offering voters a free sex toy for voting tomorrow.

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