Friday, August 29, 2008

GOP Completes It's Anti-Choice Ticket

The New York Times reports that Sen. John McCain has chosen a virtually unknown and avowed anti-choice Governor from Alaska as his running mate.

Sarah Palin, who opposes abortion even in instances of rape and incest, was named McCain's VP nominee today. Palin is a member of Feminists for Life, an anti-choice organization working actively to deny women the right to make their own decisions about when and whether to become a parent.

Tanya Melich writes about why Palin won't fool American women in today's
Women's Media Center Commentary.

"The reality of the McCain pick barely rests on Palin’s personal qualifications. McCain is attempting to present Palin as a symbol that the Republican Party supports women but her selection is not a major change—except by degree—for the GOP. Republicans have been running women for a long time. This historic first is NOT a first for the country, just for the GOP."

Scott Swenson
wrote on RH Reality Check back in June that "...
her selection is seen as an effort to make a play for disgruntled female supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Anti-choice McCain, with an anti-choice Palin, ... would stand for policies so far removed from the reality of the women who loyally supported Sen. Clinton, as to reduce the Palin nomination to the status of political novelty..."

Stay tuned - the race for the White House is about to get more interesting!


Samantha said...

Gotta love Ralph Reed's quote, which just about says it all "“They’re beyond ecstatic,” said Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition. “This is a home run. She is a reformer governor who is solidly pro-life and a person of deep Christian faith. And she is really one of the bright shining new stars in the Republican firmament.”

Naomi said...
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Naomi said...

Earlier this week I responded to Planned Parenthood's request to send a condom to the Repub convention. On my blog today is my answer to Sarah Palin's selection: send MORE condoms to the convention.